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In an ideal world, every young person would have the opportunity to achieve a complete education and build a fruitful life. The truth is that many of the young people in our community will never get the chance to go to college and achieve their dreams. That is true, unless people who can make a difference step in and change that reality.

Poverty and homelessness profoundly limit the lives of thousands of young people in King County. Seattle Education Access assists marginalized youth and young adults in gaining entry into colleges and completing degrees. We provide them with the resources they need to transition successfully to college, in order to finish their educations, leave poverty behind, and contribute to society.

Our doors are open to any low-income person under the age of 30 no matter their legal issues, parenting status, sexual orientation or immigration status. We offer a FREE, welcoming, non-judgmental approach to helping young people living in poverty get the education they need to thrive.


Seattle Education Access provides higher education advocacy and opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity throughout King County.


• To provide the personal attention, mentorship, technical assistance, and moral support that low-income young people need to navigate the complex systems of higher education and financial aid.

• To connect low-income young people with information and resources, and support them in creating an individualized plan to meet their higher education goals.

• To advocate for and with low-income young people, and empower them to develop their own voices as they pursue their higher education.

• To provide financial resources that help low-income young people access higher education and meet their basic needs while in school.

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In the inherent worth and dignity of each human being.

That education is a human right.

That every person deserves an education that meets their individual needs and goals.

That education is a lifelong process.

That institutional racism and systemic injustices create substantial barriers to access and opportunity.

That every person is the expert on their own life.

In the right of every individual to self-determination.

In the power of community and supportive relationships.

That the success of our organization is measured by the well-being and success of our students.


All races

All religions and worldviews

All ethnic, cultural, and national backgrounds

All immigration statuses

All sexual orientations

All genders

All abilities

All the intersections of these identities