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Donations are crucial to ensuring SEA students succeed and reach their goals! Your gift will ensure that young people throughout King County will benefit from the extraordinary experience of college. However, students enrolled in our program are not the only ones who benefit from our work:

• Many students are also parents; by helping them succeed, you also help them provide for their families and give them the opportunity to raise college-bound children.

• Colleges benefit as youth from disenfranchised communities become part of their learning population, bringing greater diversity to campus. The addition of new voices and new perspectives helps these institutions enhance the academic and social experience for all involved.

• Local businesses and employers benefit as low-income and marginalized youth become highly educated workers who enter the labor force.

• Communities benefit when people escape intergenerational poverty. Education has been proven to reduce rates of crime, incarceration, and unwanted pregnancy. Education is an effective and efficient way to prevent cycles of poverty and crime in the next generation.

Your donation will make a significant impact on the daily lives of our students. Your generous support helps us continue to serve the youth in our community and give them a better chance at educational success. Your gift could provide:

$1000 – tuition for one quarter

$400 – books and school supplies

$100 – a student bus pass for one quarter

$50 – college application fee

$20 – one GED study guide

Make a gift online

Or, send it to:

Seattle Education Access
6920 Roosevelt Way NE #355
Seattle, WA 98115

Donate your vehicle (Running or not)

Support SEA by following these simple steps:

1.) Go to donate your vehicle or call 1-855-500-RIDE (7433)

2.) Choose Seattle Education Access as your favorite nonprofit organization

3.) Schedule your free pick up from anywhere in the US (and some areas of Canada)

That’s it! CARS will take care of the rest.

Your donation is greatly appreciated and fully deductible as a charitable contribution. Seattle Education Access is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. For more information on donation options, please email our staff or call them at (206) 523-3662.

help fundraise

corporate matching

wish list

help fundraise

Organize a donation drive at your work place, church or community group or throw a house party for SEA with your friends. We will gladly work with you to make it happen!

corporate matching

Double or triple your contribution with a matching gift from your employer. See your human resources department to learn if your company offers this benefit. Retired employees are frequently eligible too. If your employer matches charitable contributions, fill out their matching gift form and mail it to us at: Seattle Education Access, 6920 Roosevelt Way NE #355, Seattle, WA 98115.

wish list

• Backpacks

• Ink jet printers

• Laptops

endowment funds

scholarship fund

planned gift

endowment funds

Endowment funds provide financial support for SEA now and into the future and give you control in distributing your fund's income. You can choose to create a specific endowment fund that encourages education by providing scholarships based upon academic interest or other criteria to our deserving students. To learn more about creating an endowment fund, please email our staff or call them at (206) 523-3662.

scholarship fund

Support students by giving to our scholarship fund, which can provide them with tuition, textbooks, bus passes, and other items to supplement financial aid. With support, students can have enough money to afford safe and stable housing and provide for their own basic needs.

planned gift

Create better futures for students in our community by incorporating SEA into your estate and financial plans. Contact our staff by email or by calling (206) 523-3662 to discuss your philanthropic goals. Gift planning options include:

• Cash and securities donations

• Gifts of real estate, tangible personal property, or other assets

• Bequests in a will or trust

• Gifts of retirement plan assets and life insurance